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Its a great time to be alive in terms of grocery shopping. How amazing is it, that you can order a weeks worth of groceries in 10 minutes on an app, then drive, park and wait for them to be loaded into your car. Even better for some, that don’t live in the boonies, like we do, and can have them delivered!

No matter how much I love getting my groceries picked by the Walmart staff, I still like picking out my own locally grown produce. Going to the pick out our fruits and vegetables for the week has turned into one of my favorite pastimes on Sunday afternoons.

While I was on shopping duty, Bo- then later, our brother in law Billy were home putting new plugs in Bo's truck. The acrobatics that were involved, were quite humorous!

Later, while Bo grilled ribs, I made 2 banana puddings, 1 pan of buckeye brownies (for customers) and a dozen mini loaves of banana bread.

All in all, it was my favorite kind of Sunday.

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