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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I decided to start a blog to document my first year as a full time entrepreneur. I was inspired to start this because of Erin Napier's blog, Make Something Good Today, (which I’ve read every single entry). Erin began her blog when she started her company, because she knew that she had a natural tendency to miss the good each day had to offer, and to focus on the bad.

Although I’m not someone who typically focuses on the bad, I am someone who can miss the good, the NOW- because I’m so focused on what‘s next, instead of living in the moment. I’m hoping that by documenting my first year as an entrepreneur, that I will allow myself to slow down, to enjoy every moment that this first year of adventures will bring. That I’ll have a tangible diary of sorts to leave my daughters, to show them that their mom did something pretty brave once. That she left a comfortable, well paying job, to pursue her dream- at 40 years old.

So today, day 1 of my new normal, I got up when my husband Bo got up. Except for today, I wasn’t rushing around putting on “work clothes”, doing my hair and makeup- while scanning through contents of my freezer in my head, wondering what to layout for a quick dinner, when I get home at 5:00 - all while keeping one eye on the clock… because I know that I have to leave by 7:07 am, if I’m going to make it to work by 7:30.

Today was different. Today, after Bo left for work, I set out to unload my car from the long weekend that we'd just enjoyed at the lake with friends. I put everything in its place, then I made coffee and enjoyed the quiet of the morning before anyone else got up.

Then I threw on my new “work clothes” aka athletic shorts and a new Balance Food Co. tank top and headed out the door to my new (almost finished) kitchen. I met the internet guy, who after finding out what the business was going to be, promptly asked me to sign him up as a new customer!

Then I assembled a new roll-y cart thing and a bun rack.

My sister stopped by to chat for a while, then our youngest daughter Abby stopped in. Abby's in cosmetology school, and has a flexible schedule. So, she decided to stay for a couple of hours and helped me by removing paint from the ceiling.

After she left, our daughter Haley stopped by to visit for a few minutes after her classes. When she left, I ran some errands then went home and threw together a quick dinner. When Bo came home, we rode out to look at a pressure washing job.

Now we’re home, getting ready to wind down for the night. It hasn’t really hit me yet how different this new life of mine is going to be. Whenever comes my way this next year, I’m ready. I’m hopeful. I’m excited!

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