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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Since we have had our pressure washing business, it is very, very rare that we get to spend an entire Saturday at home, any time from March-November. Since Bo works Monday-Thursday for the City of Collegedale, he pressure washes on Fridays and Saturdays. Since he started over two years ago, he pretty much stays booked 2-3 weeks in advance. This weekend, he had two jobs scheduled, and was able to knock them both out yesterday, freeing up an entire Saturday! So it was a luxury to have an entire day with no plans. So we relaxed, read, and watched TV.

It was a perfect, gorgeous day out, breezy in the high 80s- my kinda weather! Around lunchtime, we started getting bored, so we went out and trimmed all of the bushes around the house. Then Bo decided to pressure wash our house (ours is always the very last on the list, and was in desperate need of a good cleaning). While he did that, I went to Home Depot.... and I might’ve went a little overboard! What can I say, beautiful, bright flowers make me happy!

After my Home Depot haul, we grilled chicken that I picked up at the Butchers market, and planted and hung our new pretty flowers.

We need to schedule Saturdays at home more often.

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