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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

So many good things happened today, here’s a quick rundown…

1) I enjoyed a leisurely morning at home.

2) Then I went out and did a little shopping for the kitchen.

3) Then I had a 2 hour lunch with my friend Chelsea & held her precious 3 week old baby Crawford for the majority of it.

4) Then I got so much work on the kitchen done & rescheduled my final walk through for 9:30 tomorrow (EKKK!)

5) Then we made it to church tonight, for the first time in a few weeks.

6) We started season 6 of This Is Us (love that show!!) before Bo had to go back into work to turn off the alarms.

7) Then I spent over an hour talking & reminiscing with our girls tonight… which is a big deal, because if I still had a full time job I would’ve been in bed long before they even came home.

8) Then with Abby’s help, I decided to bag-up the frightening friend that my dad gave us over a week ago… that’s been hanging out in the living room, freaking us all out ever since. He’s now going to live in the attic.

9) Now it’s time for sweet dreams!

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