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It’s rare that we think a 2.0 version of a movie is as good as the original. Especially when it’s a classic like Top Gun. However, Top Gun- Maverick did not disappoint! It had just enough nostalgia, to satisfy us 80s & 90s kids- while keeping the story moving forward.

This was our first time going to a movie theater, post Covid. We went to the theater in Chattanooga, one I haven't been to since our kids were little and I'd take them to matinees during the summer. They've completely changed, and for the better! This theater, they served beer and cocktails (at a premium price, of course) and the chairs are all reclining. Besides the point that I bought our tickets late, and there were only 3 seats together (my dad came with us) but they were on the 2nd row (hello kink in the neck), it was actually very enjoyable. We might have to make these movie dates, a thing!

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