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A few days ago, Bo and I came back to the kitchen one evening, and while we were there I thought that I faintly smelled propane. He said that he didn’t smell anything, so I thought that it must not be anything. However, the next two days I still smelled it, ever so slightly, but since it didn’t smell like rotten eggs, I wasn’t too concerned. Well Friday, my friend Maggie came in to pickup an order for the 4th & immediately after she left, she called me and said, “Jessica, I smelled gas so strongly that it immediately gave me a headache. I wasn’t going to call you, because maybe it’s my pregnancy nose! Then I thought, I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t call you, and something happened. So please call the fire department and have them come check it out.” So I did, and sure enough there was gas. One of the pilot lights on my stove had went out and had been leaking a tiny steam of gas in the air for days. Lesson learned here was, listen to your gut… and your nose. Thank you Dalton Fire Station's 1 & 2! You definitely deserve way more than the bag of goodies that I forced you all to take when you left!

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