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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Our kitchen is long, and narrow and in that space there are 7 large windows. With big appliances, including a 6 burner gas stove… not surprisingly, it gets pretty hot in there.

When Lindsey stopped by yesterday, she was concerned that there might be something wrong with the AC and said she’d send someone to look at it. It’s June, in Georgia, and 100° most days, so I didn’t expect to see anyone for a few weeks, at best.

Currently the kitchen is closed on Fridays, and today I was there unloading groceries and cleaning the new hanging pot holder. I was all alone, listening to podcasts, when I saw a white van pull up and just sit there for a few minutes. So I crept over and locked the door, then called Bo. I did this, so that when I answered the door, this man would know that I wouldn’t be alone for long (does anyone else do this?!)

Turns out it was a very nice guy, named Ashley. He’s the owner of the HVAC company that Lindsey uses for their properties. He told me that he used to work in that building as an insurance salesman. He was blown away by how different the space looks! He was also excited that it was a meal prep kitchen and immediately liked our page on Facebook and said he’d call on Monday to see what’s for lunch. I hope he does! I love when small businesses support each other... I also love when it’s an HVAC tech at the door, and not an ax murder at 3pm on a Friday afternoon.

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